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About the NWTTA Teaching in the NWT Publications FAQs
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NWTTA Logo_enNWTTA Logo - Traditional Shield - New Look 

Keeping with tradition while moving forward with strength, unity and connection to the north  - the story behind the design….

  • Traditional NWTTA Shield: Member protection; a serious, established organization
  • Traditional NWTTA Band/Sash: Members wrapped in protection 
  • Traditional NWTTA Gold: NWT official mineral; excellence; success; with blue, gold becomes a symbol of credibility; with green, gold becomes more down to earth
  • Traditional NWTTA Green: NWT vegetation; learning, growth and harmony
  • Blue: Expertise, truth, trust, communication and peace

Other Symbolism..

  • Wavy Lines: Flexible and fluid nature of education; the flow of the Northern Lights and the Mackenzie River
  • Northern Lights: Dawn of new possibilities steeped in ancient wisdom, light and energy; power
  • Mackenzie River: Providing sustenance, passage and connection among NWT regions, people and cultures; ever-flowing, ever-changing nature of education