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Fraser Oliver_enThe Northwest Territories Teachers’ Association (NWTTA) stands over 800 members strong. Professional, dedicated, caring, and committed to student success – these attributes define NWT educators.

Working in 33 communities across this territory, our educators deliver quality programs in forty-nine schools to over 8300 students. The broad range of students’ talents, skills and abilities within these classrooms also encompass a vast range of diverse needs that span an ever-increasing spectrum of challenges.

To catch a glimpse of ‘Learning in Action’ across our territory, I invite you to view our NWT EDUCATION TODAY publication available in PDF version (12.8MB) on our website.

Northern educators are to be commended for their work not only in classrooms and schools, but also for their contributions to the communities in which they live. Our educators work under a wide range of conditions and do so with the desire and intent of making a difference in the lives of students. They are passionate about their chosen profession and dedicated to seeing their students succeed.

Government – home – school – community… we all share a common goal: Student Success.

During my 2-year term in office, I look forward to working on behalf of NWT educators with government and other education partners, to achieve this goal. Healthy, safe, supportive working environments for educators are the foundation for healthy, safe, supportive learning environments for students. Working together to address needs in education today will directly impact student success and serve to strengthen NWT communities.

Simple – No. Possible – YES!

Fraser Oliver, President
Northwest Territories Teachers' Association