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NWT Certification

NWT Teacher Qualification for Certification

The NWT Teacher Qualification Service consists of two people appointed by the Department of Education, Culture and Employment and two members recommended by the NWTTA.

Members of the committee establish policies and procedures for:

  • Certification and recertification of teachers;
  • Certification and recertification of teachers holding certificates of eligibility as principal;
  • Evaluation of the qualifications and teaching experience of teachers for the purpose of placing each teacher at a salary level;
  • Approval of a teacher’s educational qualifications from a post-secondary education institution;
  • Renewal of expired teaching certificates;
  • Renewal of teaching certificates where the holder has not completed the teaching experience or courses required;
  • Extension of time required to meet the requirements of these regulations; and
  • Qualifications of school counsellors.

For more information on NWT Teacher Qualification Services OR to seek NWT Teacher Certification

Consult the Education Act  – OR–

Contact the Government of the Northwest Territories Department of Education, Culture and Employment: NWT Teacher Certification Registrar: Simon Lepage

Current (June 2017) GNWT forms: