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Tenants have rights in the NWT. Tenants are encouraged to learn about their rights. Informed tenants can take proactive steps prior to engaging in a lease arrangement and help to ensure all supports are in place in the event problems arise at a later date.

Assistance dealing with tenancy issues or concerns available:  Rentals Office Director, Hal Logsdon (Phone: 1-800-661-0760; Email hal_logsdon@gov.nt.ca)


The Residential Tenancy Act ( RTA ): the statute governing the relationship between landlords and tenants in the NWT: http://www.justice.gov.nt.ca/PDF/ACTS/Residential%20Tenancies.pdf

PLAIN LANGUAGE booklet for Tenants and Landlords (much easier to read than the RTA): Provides  valuable information on rentals and how deal with problems: http://www.justice.gov.nt.ca/RentalOffice2010/documents/EnglishBookletFNLWEB.pdf

Tenancy Agreement Form: Generic rental agreement for the protection of both parties in cases of dispute: http://www.justice.gov.nt.ca/RentalOffice/documents/TenancyAgreementEN.pdf

Entry and Exit Inspection Report Form: Provides for both the tenant and the landlord to review the condition of the unit being rented, brings notice of what must be repaired and/or preserved during the duration of the rental and helps in the disposition of any damage deposit required in the lease: http://www.justice.gov.nt.ca/RentalOffice/documents/Form6-EntryandExitInspection.pdf

Application to a Rental Officer Form:  Use to formalize a complaint against a landlord (or tenant). Must be completed and sent to the Rentals Office before action can be taken. The rental officer has the legal power to order repairs and reparations be made: http://www.justice.gov.nt.ca/RentalOffice/documents/NWT3529English_fillableapprovedDecember2012.pdf

NEW: Transitional Rent Supplement Program: Created to supplement up to $500 per month to persons who are paying out more than 30% of their gross (before tax) HOUSEHOLD INCOME to shelter costs (i.e., rent and various utility costs). There is a means test and the subsidy, if approved, is paid directly to the landlord: http://nwthc.gov.nt.ca/_live/pages/wpPages/TRSP.aspx

NWT Human Rights Act and Housing: It is against the law to discriminate against tenants and rental applicants based upon: Race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, ethnic origin and nationality; Religion or creed; Age; Disability; Sex (gender); Sexual orientation; Gender identity; Marital status, family status or family affiliation; Political belief or political association; Social condition; or Pardoned criminal conviction.

For more about NWT Human Rights or to download housing information: http://nwthumanrights.ca/resources/publications/housing

Available information guides:

­          Human Rights and Housing - (A guide)

­          Human Rights and Housing - (An information sheet)

Complaint Process: forms and guide: http://nwthumanrights.ca/resources/publications/complaint-process

NWT Housing Corporation - Market Housing Program Information for Potential Tenants (May 2013)

Where to look for housing options

  • NWT Housing Corporation
  • Divisional Education Council (Board) Office
  • School Principal
  • Northern Media Outlets
  • Community web pages

PowerPoint presentation by NWT Housing Corporation in the Beaufort-Delta on August 29, 2013


NWT Teachers' Association Housing Reports 2013

April 29, 2013 - NWT Summary
July 3, 2013 - A Closer Look: Regional Summary