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Northwest Territories Teachers' Association - Privacy Policy

  • Introduction
  • Collection of Information
  • Use of Personal Information
  • Protection of Personal Information
  • NWTTA Employees
  • Retention of Personal Information
  • Access to and Correction of Personal Information
  • For More Information
Introduction The Northwest Territories Teachers' Association (NWTTA) is committed to protecting the privacy of personal information. Except when required or permitted by law, it will not disclose personal information wi...More

Collection of Information
Collection of Information The NWTTA has limited requirements for personal information from its membership. The NWTTA does not administer its members pension plans or its health and welfare plans. Both of the previously m...More

Use of Personal Information
Use of Personal Information The NWTTA uses personal information about its members to bargain collectively on their behalf and to advance their professional and employment interests. In providing these services, the NWTTA...More

Protection of Personal Information
Protection of Personal Information One way that the NWTTA protects personal information is by training its staff to appreciate the importance of privacy and the confidentiality of personal information. In addition, it en...More

NWTTA Employees
NWTTA Employees All NWTTA employees are required, as a condition of employment, to adhere to this privacy policy and to respect the privacy, confidentiality, accuracy and security of NWTTA members' personal information. ...More

Retention of Personal Information
Retention of Personal Information Privacy legislation stipulates that personal information does not need to be retained longer than is reasonably required to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected. At the same ti...More

Access to and Correction of Personal Information
Access to and Correction of Personal Information Under privacy legislation, individuals have a right to access records containing their personal information. Upon request and subject to certain lawful restrictions, the N...More

For More Information
For More Information The NWTTA's privacy policy is also available in hard copy. Persons who want to obtain a hardcopy, who wish to find out more about the NWTTA's privacy guidelines or who want to make a complaint about ...More